Final State Cup Final Four
Referee/Assesor Parking

The following people will have a
parking permit for the gated lot
next to HQ. Pick it up at the
security gate at the entrance.
You will need to show a photo ID.
Once the permit is picked up, it IS transferable.

# Name
1 Samuel Akinbami
2 Mackenzie App
3 Timothy Beauvais
4 Scot Boniface
5 William Campbell
6 Douglas Clayton
7 Keith Eggleston
8 Vladimir Fabre
9 Shane Greene
10 Kenneth Haller
11 Arthur Jaspe
12 David Johnson
13 Daniel Kaluzhnyy
14 Keri Kephart
15 David Monroe
16 Stephen Montanino
17 James Pitcher Sr
18 Richard Reif
19 Robert Richmond
20 David Rousseau
21 Daniel Simich
22 Nick Wagner
23 Dave Wolgast
24 Steven Wu
If your name is not listed above and you need to park at SUNY Cortland, I would recommend you park at the X on this map and
walk to the HQ (H) on the map.